Privacy Policy collects certain Personally Identifiable Information from the customer only upon obtaining the prior consent of the customer. Information shared by the user are voluntary in nature and customers have the right to withdraw their consent based on their own discretion. The website collects certain technical details like IP Address and real time location data so as to individualize the service offerings to every single customer.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information denotes the name, email address, phone number and the shipping address. And, these information are basically collected to establish the identity of the customer. A user is bound to share the prescription information of the medication whilst purchasing the medication.

Non-Personal Information deploys web beacons, cookies, in-house technologies and log files to identify the visitors’ interaction pattern with the website and company’s advertisements published in the online world. We use the data to figure out the customer trends whilst shopping to offer an enhanced user experience.

Data Collection

A user is privileged to access the website without revealing his/her personal information. By consenting to share the Personally Identifiable Information, user agrees to have his/her information on company’s servers. The objective of sourcing non-personal information like beacons and cookies is for the following reasons

  • To remember the user preferences

  • Giving targeted information according to user preference

  • Decreasing the number of attempts to enter the login credentials

  • To measure the performance of our advertising, content and other services

We never indulge in selling the personally identifiable information and other non-personal information to any third parties or neither use it for any marketing purpose.

How we secure the user’s information? respects and accords prime importance in protecting the privacy of the customers. Our web servers are high secured for having integrated with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The prescription information published by the customer are stored in a data base secured with firewall. We are dependent on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for protecting the customer’s personal information. Our payment processing team will highlight only the last five digits of credit/debit card details whilst processing the order.

Is the privacy Policy subjected to change?

Upon implementing new feature and services in the website, we make brief changes to the privacy policy. The information that we gather is dependent on the privacy policy that is in force at that of time. Any changes or updates made in the privacy policy will be intimated to the customer as when the changes are incorporated. However, users are advised to review the terms and conditions along with privacy agreements to stay updated. The company evolves the privacy policy as and when the business evolves. Perhaps, this is to fit ourselves according to the changing times.

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