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HIV Tester - India

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HIV Tester - India

The Aids Virus attacks the human immune system - causing it to manufacture antibodies - these antibodies are easily detected three months on from infection. 

Window period:

The ‘window period’ is a term used to describe the period of time between HIV infection and the production of antibodies. During this time, an antibody test may give a ‘false negative’ result, which means the test will be negative, even though a person is infected with HIV. To avoid false negative results, antibody tests are recommended three months after potential exposure to HIV infection.

A negative test at three months will almost always mean a person is not infected with HIV. If an individual’s test is still negative at six months, and they have not been at risk of HIV infection in the meantime, it means they are not infected with HIV.

It is very important to note that if a person is infected with HIV, they can still transmit the virus to others during the window period. Following are the commonly used lab based tests:

  • HIV antibody test
  • Antigen test (P24 test)
  • Fourth generation tests
  • PCR test

There are some quick, rapid HIV tests as well, like:

Home sampling

With a home sampling kit, a person can take a sample (usually a blood sample) and send it to a laboratory for testing. They can phone up for the results a few days later. If the result is positive then a professional counsellor will provide emotional support and referrals. The main advantages of home sampling are convenience, speed, privacy and anonymity.

There are companies that offers home sampling services using oral fluid instead of blood. If a person’s test result is positive they will need a follow up blood-test at a clinic.

Home testing

A home self-test involves a person conducting a rapid antibody HIV test in their home. The person takes either a blood or saliva sample and can interpret the result within minutes. A positive result will require a further confirmatory blood-test in a clinic. Now you can BUY HIV TESTER KIT ONLINE at our website in a very convenient way.

A false positive result means that although a person may not be infected with HIV, their antibody test may come back positive.

Note: Whether a test is lab based or home based, all positive test results are followed up with a confirmatory test, such as:

  • A Western blot assay – One of the oldest but most accurate confirmatory antibody tests. It is complex to administer and may produce indeterminate results if a person has a transitory infection with another virus.
  • An indirect immunofluorescence assay – Like the Western blot, but it uses a microscope to detect HIV antibodies.
  • A line immunoassay - Commonly used in Europe. Reduces the chance of sample contamination and is as accurate as the Western Blot.
  • A second ELISA – In resource-poor settings with relatively high prevalence, a second ELISA test may be used to confirm a diagnosis. The second test will usually be a different commercial brand and will use a different method of detection to the first.

When two tests are combined, the chance of getting an inaccurate result is less than 0.1%.

Our test kit is very simple - it includes a plastic tester, and a developing formula fluid - we even provide a needle for blood extraction and an alcohol pad for disinfecting your finger before and after. The developing fluid combined with the tested blood on the tester will detect these specific antibodies in a matter of minutes. The test is very easy to perform and requires only a clean environment and 10 minutes of your time. Make sure you follow all the directions from the kit after you BUY HIV TESTER KIT from our website.

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